Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family

International Networks in Vocational Education and Training

International professional experience is increasingly part of the professional requirements profile. Going abroad during vocational education and training is an excellent way to acquire international professional competences. In addition, vocational schools and training companies profit from the cooperation with transnational partners: attractive international education offers, the know-how in project management as well as international networks strengthen the profile and contribute to the internationalization of the institution. We are therefore very interested in cooperating with partners in the EU and non-European countries.

On behalf of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family

  • we support students in vocational education and training to do a pracitcal training phase abroad and support them with EU funding from the ERASMUS+ program,
  • we support vocational schools and training firms in the development of their internationalization strategy,
  • we look after the cooperation of the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family in international vocational training networks.

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